Aug 31, 2010

Peace Corps super bloggers

I wondered the other day if there are other people like me in Peace Corps who lavish what is probably too much attention on their blogs. I decided to comb through the Peace Corps journals site to investigate. I had to quickly improvise a crude standard to sort out the most prolific authors; there are thousands of Peace Corps blogs. So I set a bar of at least 250 posts with at least one in the last month. Not exactly precise but close enough. I also decided to let returned volunteers in, because hey what the hell. Here they are:

Matt's Samoa Blog
Letters from China
One Computer at a Time
Aaron in Azerbaijan
One Bloc East
Cooper in Cambodia
Belly Button Window
Innocent A-Blogged
Women and Geeks First!
Musings of a Super Hero
Lost in the Beauty of Everything Around Me
Craig in Moldova
Scooter in Mozambique
Foy Update
Peace Corps and Beyond
Continually Expanding an Open Mind, Inshallah

There were also a few discontinued blogs that had 250+ posts:
Jim and Emily's Guatemala
Into the Steppe
Cameron's Journal

I'm sure I missed a few but that seems like a decent list. From cursory inspection I thought I would have the most posts by far with 380 listed on the site, but there were several that beat me. Matt's Samoa Blog in particular came in with over 600, and Letters From China had over 400. However those sites have been up for more than one year, I should catch up by the end of my service. I don't mean to toot my own horn—this probably reflects my lousy service more than anything else. Not to mention that some of those sites are crushing me in traffic--Belly Button Window has like a million and a half hits.

But it's interesting to see other people's perspective from around the globe. I added a few of my favorites to the blogroll.

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