Jul 31, 2010


So this morning I'm minding my own business on the bus when at one of the stops this guy starts yelling at me. He got on the bus, pushed me a little bit, then got off and banged on my window. He's the one on the right in the picture. He kept repeating something like "foksani," which apparently means he wanted to fight me.

He was either insane or in a drunken rage. I'd bet on the latter. It was strange to go from a sleepy doze to full attack adrenaline surge in a few seconds. Luckily everyone on the bus immediately rose to my defense, and people outside restrained him as you can see in the picture.

So, no coffee for me this morning, thanks.


  1. That's scary.. do you think it was racial at all or just drunken stupidity?

  2. Well, it was a large dose of drunken stupidity, but it was definitely racial too. He singled me out, the only white person in a 5 km radius probably, and only tangled with others because they were holding him back.

    Luckily it was one of those emaciated alcoholics (seriously, who is drunk before dawn? do you set an alarm?) so I wasn't that intimidated. Still creepy though.