Jun 4, 2010


Ezra Klein just got back from a trip he took with Yglesias to China. At the end of his post about Chinese food, he includes this little tidbit:
Apparently, the most popular chain restaurant in China is KFC. It's killing McDonald's. Here are four reasons why.
This is also true in South Africa. I can't tell you exactly why, but I can speculate. First, people here (black and white) love fried chicken, much more than hamburgers. Second, KFC is much better-run here, or at least better than I remember from back home. The restaurants are clean, the food is fresh and delicious, and the service good.

I'm not kidding, though. KFC here really is delicious. Best fast food in South Africa (with Fish Place a close second). As Chappelle says, if you don't like chicken, there's something wrong with you!


  1. The muslims all eat there because the meat is halal

  2. Wow, I didn't know that! That's a sound business strategy, kind of like serving kosher in Washington Heights. Not a huge population but you're guaranteed some business.