May 14, 2010

Peace Corps post of the week

This one goes to Kristen (notice my spelling there, ahem):
Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party. Expectations are high and it’s your first ever bona-fide dinner party. Sure, you’ve had the occasional luncheon and afternoon tea for the neighbors, but this is the big time. A ton of people will be there—and not just the regular crowd. We’re talking presidents, rock stars, pop stars, billionaires, you name it. On top of this, no one in your neighborhood has ever had such a grandiose dinner party. Sure, the fancy suburbs with themed street names will have them now and again, but you’re only half-heartedly invited anyway.

So how do you feel? There’s excitement, of course. And extreme nervousness. You could accidently set fire to Beyonce’s dress. Your crème brûlée could get flambéed. The toilet could explode on an unlucky prime minister. And then pride. Of course you feel pride, too. Because, out of your whole neighborhood, who was chosen? You.
She also wins the prize for best profile picture impersonation of Hunter S. Thompson.

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