May 14, 2010

I'm unbelievably famous

Last weekend I had a jarring experience--I met someone who had read this blog. She's an ex-Peace Corps volunteer married to an Afrikaans guy. They live in Northwest near a couple other volunteers.

She's the first (and probably only, let's be honest) person I've met to stumble on this place before actually meeting me. I have to say, I felt a bit uneasy. I did a quick mental review of everything I've ever posted. Most of it--total garbage. Would I make this my first introduction to a person? "Hey, nice to meet you. Read 9000 pages of rambling nonsense. I'll be over here." The whole point of a blog is that no one ever reads it, right? Right?

In any case, she didn't seem too visibly offended by my obvious lack of tact or panache. Bullet dodged. Or maybe it is a good introduction--maybe I really am a pretentious buffoon constantly holding forth on topics obviously beyond my pay grade.


  1. If by, dodged a bullet, you mean, you met someone from the south, who, from her upbringing, by nature, is extremely polite and tactful, then, yes, i agree. I stole her corn and rama she brought to share with our group but no one cared to fat because they were drinking their carbs. Does that mean i am completely unconcerned with my impression on said guest? Perhaps. Although, surprisingly, she seemed quite taken with me. Flattering, yes, but strangely interesting.

  2. I'm you're saying that if she had been from a less polite culture (say, New York), then she would have kicked me in the junk, trussed me up like a chicken, doused me in honey, and left me to be eaten by fire ants--as I so richly deserve?

  3. -Good to know the Rama found a home…especially with someone I strangely enough did become a bit taken with.

    -Just so you know even if I wasn't from the south I do believe your blog would give me no reason to kick you in the junk upon a first meeting. I cannot say how I will behave upon our next meeting though. Especially after the drunken insight into your personal life I was privy to on our drive to your B&B:)

    Hope you both are doing well. If you would like some more food that you don't have to steal come for a visit during your long holiday this month. -Kelee 072-385-1444