May 13, 2010

I didn't know Glenn Beck had compared Peace Corps to the Nazis

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Back in Black - Glenn Beck's Nazi Tourette's
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You can't help but laugh at such mind-warping levels of chumpitude. It's like all previous iterations of the chump personality boiled down to its very essence, then left on the stove to smoulder for a week and chipped out of the bottom of the pot with a greasy screwdriver. But seriously: Glenn Beck? Eat my shorts.

UPDATE: Whoa. I'm getting some serious (for me, anyway) traffic on this post. Feel free to leave any questions in comments. I will usually respond, so long as you're reasonably polite.


  1. Another idealistic, head in the sand liberal. Someday you will learn that the Peace Corps just exists so that the US can pretend it cares about third world countries while actually exploiting all of their resources to continue its quality of life. You allow the US to continue its Nazi-like oppression of the rest of the world without a qualm. Glenn Beck may not always make sense, but at least he doesn't accept the duplicitous actions of the government at face value. You are actually causing the continued poverty of the people you claim to be helping.

  2. I like that you admit off the top that Glenn Beck doesn't make sense.

    The ideological head space of your comment is vaguely troubling--since when have Glenn Beck fans given a shit about third-world countries? Or known that they exist? I would think that if Peace Corps were really bleeding tiny, defenseless countries of all their natural resources, Beck would be all for it. (America FIRST!)