May 14, 2010

Google analytics

I finally gave in to the nagging of a friend and installed it. I'm in love. I've been using Sitemeter for months now, but Google Analytics is both more powerful and better-presented. The one thing I still like about Sitemeter is the easy access to daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly bar graphs. (Of course, I'm sure you can do that somehow with GA, but I haven't figured out how yet.)

GA was how I noticed that this post was getting--by my standards--an insane amount of hits. More than two-thirds of the day's traffic went there, mostly from Google searches--the post is ranked about 40th or so if you search for "glenn beck peace corps." So thanks a bunch, Mr. Beck!

You know what this means--I've got to write an exegesis on the subject of weepy right-wing blowhards who rag on the Peace Corps. But in the meantime, feel free to ask any questions via email or comments.

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