May 4, 2010

Bitter politics at school

My school is currently in the midst of some serious drama. The new acting principal has instituted a bunch of reforms, most of which I would say are pretty good--for example, she's got most of the teachers in the class for most of the day, and the leave standards have been tightened up. However, she's doing it in a way that has the teachers considering mutiny--just relying on the authority of the principal's office, logging offenders for misconduct if they don't follow the rules, etc. It's understandably jarring for the teachers, who used to be able to do basically whatever they want.

Moreover, some of the other teachers think that the principal is trying to sabotage them in the eyes of the circuit office so that they can't apply for the principal post, as it still has to advertised and processed (which is why the current principal is called "acting"). It's the kind of thing I want to stay out of, but it might be impossible to avoid taking sides. I'm reminded that a lot of the success or failure of a volunteer has nothing to do with the volunteer himself.

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