Apr 18, 2010

Wake! to a rusty pot full of blood

I was having my morning serving of Morvite (my new favorite South African food--it's a decent blend of nutrients, not horribly disgusting, requires no preparation whatsover, plus it staves off all kinds of vitamin deficiencies) when I heard a strangled choking death rattle coming from outside my door. Turns out it was my family slaughtering a goat for Sunday brunch.
If it's Sunday and the sun is up, the beer is out at my house.

My host brother is back (the one I thought was dying), and the family wanted to make him some good food to help him get stronger. He looks like death warmed over--rail skinny with a giant potbelly. He's got AIDS and tuberculosis, and the belly is apparently from the tuberculosis meds. They tear hell out of your liver, which makes you retain fluids. But according to my host sister, he's much better than he was a couple weeks ago, when he couldn't walk or talk and they had to use diapers on him.


  1. yay for converting to the love of morvite :)

  2. I have been experimenting with all sorts of bachelor chow. I was considering doing a post on my thoughts on flavors and brands (pronutro, the other cheap bokomo one, energy boost).

  3. I can't believe it took me this long to discover these joys for myself. R11.50 for a week's worth of breakfast!? I'd be super interested in a breakdown of all the options.