Apr 6, 2010


Well my internet phone is still hosed, but I'm working with my mugging companion to get his computers fixed up so I've got some access today. This is a new foray for me; I've never done any computer networking at all, and the goal here is to make a tightly controlled computer lab with a central server and all the fixings. At the moment it's just a bunch of unconnected computers, and anyone that has worked with kids and computers knows their natural curiosity can cause some serious problems. So hopefully we can all the computers properly cloned with good programs and antivirus, and perhaps even get Deep Freeze installed for maximum protection.

It's difficult stuff, but a bit easier than I thought it would be. There's a guy here helping us that figured out all this stuff himself for his own school's computer lab, so that's a big help. I figure this kind of thing will be valuable in the states when I return.

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