Feb 25, 2010

Nighttime tribulations

It was a dark and stormy night (heh), and with the rain hammering on my roof like the cast of Riverdance, I had some trouble falling asleep. I made it though, but was woken up by a light misting of droplets on my face. The wind had peeled back one of the sheets of tin a few inches and the rain--which had slackened off quite a bit--was coming right in. All the roof beams in my room are fairly rotten from water coming through the nail holes every time it rains, so it wasn't too surprising that the nail (which went all the way through the beam) was pulled out.

Cursing every deity I could think of, I grabbed a chair and squirmed on to the roof, managing not to cut myself to ribbons. (I don't think I could do that again without the volcanic rage assist.) Luckily I had put a brick up there for this very reason, though on another sheet. I hoisted it over and dropped back to the ground. What a pain!

I've got some serious repairs planned for this weekend. They involve a whole stack of bricks and maybe a gallon of caulk.

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