Feb 6, 2010

More delay

I'm writing this in Kuruman at an internet cafe. My internet phone is still MIA--apparently the button that broke is one of the more sophisticated ones, requiring special parts from Joburg. So hopefully next week I should be back in business.

I've only got 15 minutes here, so I'll keep it short. I've been teaching full-time in the classroom and every day having it beaten into my head how hard teaching little kids is. I've been thinking more and more in terms of COIN (counter-insurgency) strategies, but for whatever reason little kids are a handful. Especially when you don't speak their language and they don't speak yours.

Hopefully my internet withdrawl doesn't hit too hard. Keep your fingers crossed and I'll be back next week. Until then, I'm trying to get my family to keep the place alive until I make it back. Toodles!

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