Jan 20, 2010

Facepalm: GOP wins 41-59 majority in the Senate

Sure, Republicans are terrible. George Bush started two wars, one of them for no reason at all. Yet somehow I can't muster as much scathing disgust at him than I can at the Democratic Party. They somehow managed to nominate some lazy elitist douche who was a terrible prosecutor, a lousy campaigner, and who insulted Red Sox fans for Ted Kennedy's old seat, and she lost. The Democrats choked away Ted Kennedy's seat. In Massachusetts.

Of course, it's only one vote in the Senate, which has already passed health care legislation, but you know Democrats are going to take that belt they've wrapped around their neck, breathe deep, and tighten it ten or eleven more notches. The House won't pass the Senate bill, and no one will even mention the filibuster.

Health care reform, Ted Kennedy's signature issue, is done in America for a generation. That's some sick irony.

See here for more.

(h/t Village Voice for the title)

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