Dec 3, 2009

Opposition parties

One of the big problems I see here in South Africa is that there is basically no credible opposition party to the ANC (quick genuflect to Peace Corps policies--I'm not endorsing or criticizing any specific policy or party in South Africa, merely a structural tendency of humans in general). Parties that control a country for a long time (which is currently the case here) tend to get lazy and corrupt. We've seen this with Republicans and Democrats in the US, and it's much worse in SA given the moral victory after the end of Apartheid.

Thus I recommend The American Conservative, The Agitator, The Daily Dish, and Unqualified Offerings. It's easy to get lost in one perspective, and these folks keep me sharp.


  1. Agreed. I will check out those recommendations. I feel like I am politically stunted. You have also inspired me to post much more frequently, you have quite the upkeep!

  2. I try to post everyday, but they're usually pretty short. The beauty of blogging is the short reaction time and conversations you can inspire.