Dec 9, 2009

Epic day

I didn't get up too early today, but right out of bed I went to a farm to watch a cow be slaughtered. That was super interesting, but I'm going to do an extensive post on it later, so I won't spoil it now. Then I went with my principal to Kuruman to buy about R1600 worth of booze for his going away party (as he's retiring at the end of this month--did I mention that?).

On the way back to my village (after making multiple stops, of course), we went to pick up one of his (two) illegitimate daughters. I learned that not only did he have three kids in one year from three different women, he also claimed that one of them wasn't his for a time and refused to pay child support, and was thrown in jail as a result! His daughter is at her first year in university and speaks fluent English with an Afrikaans accent. It's always good to meet one of the kids who makes it out to a university and ends up sensible and intelligent.

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