Jul 7, 2009

Healthcare costs

Lo! I was just talking about how Megan McArdle often makes ridiculous arguments--and often about things I sort of agree with! Here she comes with another doozy...but Ezra Klein got there first:

You know, I'd been wanting to write a post semi-agreeing with those questioning the massive savings to be gained by replacing the relatively high administrative costs of the private sector with the relatively low administrative costs of the public sector. But then Megan McArdle and Alex Tabarrok began making a lot of really weird arguments about the Soviet Union -- seriously -- and, sorry, but that's where I get off the train.

We live in a world with actual examples of national health-care systems. France, Germany, Britain, Canada, Japan, Sweden, Italy, Taiwan and Israel all have them. They are cheaper. With lower administrative costs. And comparable health outcomes. And they somehow exist within a largely private economy (Also: Read Jon Cohn!).

Pretty much what I was thinking, except smarter. Also check out his next post.

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