May 31, 2009

You lying bastard.

This is pretty fucked up. Rationalizations aside, this really can't be read as anything but a massive invasion of privacy, wholesale stealing of (likely) copyrighted content and a truly pathological misrepresentation. I'm sharply reminded of the whole JT LeRoy fiasco a while back, especially in that whoever it is continues to make obvious lies--almost as though they wanted to be caught, or couldn't help themselves.

As a fan, even though the paladin stuff had little or nothing to do with the personal stuff, I feel betrayed. I trusted her/him.

I wouldn't be surprised if there's some lawsuits in the future, but "Ferarro" probably has some serious psychological problems.

This is just one more reminder of how deeply creepy the internet can be. *shiver*

1 comment:

  1. The person (and I don't believe the nonsense that there were 7 people) that stole the identity of TechDarling and posted all those private photos and videos is one seriously disturbed person. To go so far as to adopt TD's backstory as your own really is creepy and pathetic. I hope TechDarling pursues legal action against this vile coward "Ferarro".