Nov 21, 2008


God, I love PBS. As a certified liberal elitist, now that I'm living in NYC, I just can't help myself. Last night they had a show on NOVA called The Bible's Buried Secrets. Quick capsule review: best televised bit on early biblical history I've ever seen (admittedly a small set of shows). But it's a really excellent, nonjudgmental, and thorough review of the evidence for a non-specialist. That means any fundamentalist Christian, Jew or Muslim who watches it will go into an apocalyptic fury, most likely.

But the best part about the whole situation? You can watch the whole thing online! For free! That's why PBS is so utterly awesome. Not only do they consistently make the best documentaries in the country (for example, see pretty much every Frontline episode), they also post them online! At a decent quality!

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