Mar 30, 2008

Cool-ass site

I've just added VBS TV to my links, and boy, that's a pretty awesome site. It seems to me to be the future of journalism--openly biased, guerrilla-style reporting from places like North Korea and Bolivia. I highly recommend those two series (the only ones I've seen so far).

The North Korea series is basically the story of an American in North Korea without too much of an agenda. It's incredible, and that's all I'll say. What a place.

The Bolivian piece is more focused; it's primarily about the coca trade. Apparently coca leaves are in everything down there--from just chewing on the leaves to tea to ice cream. They use it, without much in the way of side effects, to keep alert (like coffee, basically) and to counter the effects of high-altitude living (La Paz, the capital, is at around 13,000 feet). There's a lot of history there I didn't know.

Anyway, check 'em out. They come in little bite-sized 5-10 minute episodes, so they're great for little study breaks.

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