May 4, 2007

Guantánamo Lawyers

I'm not terribly surprised by this, but it seems that the lawyers working for the detainees in Guantánamo are having trouble getting the detainees to trust them:
Mr. Denbeaux [a lawyer] said one clients [sic] had pleaded with him to bring toothpaste. When he did on a later visit, military guards confiscated it and his client took that as proof that the lawyer was powerless. “I said, ‘They took it from me,’ ” Mr. Denbeaux recalled, “and he said: ‘What good are you? You can’t even get me toothpaste.’ ”
I imagine the whole point of this exercise (along with others like trying to limit the number of visits lawyers can have to the detainees) is to create precisely the distrustful atmosphere that will limit what the lawyers can accomplish.

It seems like the only hope now it to put our faith in Bush's endless overreaching. It seems like he bases his decisions on what a reasonable person would conclude is the best way to piss off the largest number of people.

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