May 26, 2007

Canadian conservatives

Apparently, the new conservative Canadian government is set to begin a US-style war on drugs. It seems that conservatives everywhere have the same sort of delusions, though one might say it's the fault of the liberals for being corrupt enough to deserve being tossed out.

It's hard for me to fathom this kind of idiocy, though a few people are saying the right things.
"Stephen Harper's government is expected to announce next week new measures that will retreat from harm reduction measures that help Canadians, such as the safe injection site in Vancouver," said Ms. Brown.

"They are trying to do this under the guise of cracking down on illicit drug trafficking and prevention - even though all the research suggests that an ideologically-motivated war on drugs is ineffective, while programs such as the safe injection site are producing positive results."

A series of reports - including the Canadian Medical Association Journal and the B.C. Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS - have concluded that the site has had a positive effect on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, and has not increased crime or addiction rates, or threatened public health and safety.
I suspect that they way to win this argument is going to be more anthropological than logical. Trouble is, people are stupid and keep doing the same stupid shit over and over again, despite reams of readily available evidence to the contrary.

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