This is a semi-complete list of books I've read, both to keep track for myself and a handy list for people looking for something good to pick up.

Each title is followed by a rough, entirely subjective review out of four stars.

Recent-ish stuff:

The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money, by John Maynard Keynes. ****

The Money Makers, by Eric Rauchway. ***
To Hell and Back, by Ian Kershaw. ** 1/2
The Mating Season, by PG Wodehouse. ** 1/2
The Inimitable Jeeves, by PG Wodehouse. ***
The War that Forged a Nation, by James McPherson. ***
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, by Susanna Clarke. *** 1/2
Chasing the Scream, by Johann Hari. ***
A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again, by David Foster Wallace. ***
The Souls of Black Folk, by WEB du Bois. ***
Diamonds, Gold and War, by Martin Meredith. ***

When the Facts Change, by Tony Judt. ***
Such, Such Were the Joys, by George Orwell. ***
The Martian, by Andy Weir. ***
Open Veins of Latin America, by Eduardo Galeano. ***
The Affluent Society, by John Kenneth Galbraith. *** 1/2
The Great Crash, by John Kenneth Galbraith. ****
The Ring of Solomon, by Jonathan Stroud. ***
Homage to Catalonia, by George Orwell. *** 1/2
Capital in the Twenty-First Century, by Thomas Piketty. *** 1/2
The Road to Wigan Pier, by George Orwell. ** 1/2

The Shadow of the Torturer, by Gene Wolfe. *** 1/2
Pay Any Price, by James Risen. ***
The Origins of Totalitarianism, by Hannah Arendt. ***
The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway. ****
The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway. *** 1/2
The Peripheral, by William Gibson. ***
No Place to Hide, by Glenn Greenwald. ***
The Half Has Never Been Told, by Edward Baptist. ***
The Sleepwalkers, by Christopher Clark. ****
Political Order and Political Decay, by Francis Fukuyama. ** 1/2

Fear Itself, by Ira Katznelson. ***
This Mighty Scourge, by James McPherson. ***
The Fiery Trial, by Eric Foner. *** 1/2
The Wars of Reconstruction, by Douglas Egerton. ***
The Invisible Bridge, by Rick Perlstein. ** 1/2
The History of White People, by Nell Irvin Painter. ***
The Rhesus Chart, by Charles Stross. ***
A Legacy of Ashes, by Tim Weiner. ***
Development as Freedom, by Amartya Sen. ***
The Law of Peoples, by John Rawls. ** 1/2

Accelerando, by Charles Stross. *** 1/2
How Jesus Became God, by Bart Ehrman. ***
Lords of Finance, by Liaquat Ahamed. ***
The Internal Enemy, by Alan Taylor. *** 1/2
Bloodlands, by Timothy Snyder. ***
Grand Expectations, by James Patterson. ***
Reappraisals, by Tony Judt. ***
Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy. *** 1/2
Iron Sunrise, by Charles Stross. ***
Singularity Sky, by Charles Stross. ** 1/2

The Thirty Years' War, by CV Wedgewood. *** 1/2
Mogworld, by Yahtzee Croshaw. **
The Glorious Cause, by Robert Middlekauff
Capital in the Twenty-First Century, by Thomas Piketty. *** 1/2

Past reads, in no particular order:

A Deepness in the Sky (audio edition), by Vernor Vinge. *** 1/2
Freedom From Fear (audio edition), by David Kennedy. * 1/2
Everything and More, by David Foster Wallace. ***
The Atrocity Archives (audio edition), by Charles Stross. ***
The Jennifer Morgue (audio edition), by Charles Stross. ***
The Fuller Memorandum (audio edition), by Charles Stross. ***
The Apocalypse Codex (audio edition), by Charles Stross. *** 1/2
Middlemarch (audio edition), by George Eliot. ****
The Second World War (audio edition), by Anthony Beevor. *** 1/2

Personal Memoirs: Ulysses Grant *** 1/2
Austerity, by Mark Blyth. ***
The Discworld Books, by Terry Pratchett. *** (got every one!)
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, by Eliezer Yudkowsky. *** 1/2
Hell's Angels, by Hunter S. Thompson. ***
The Gated City, by Ryan Avent. ***
The Rent is Too Damn High, by Matthew Yglesias. ***
Heads in the Sand, by Matthew Yglesias. ***
13 Bankers, by Simon Johnson. ***
Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72, by Hunter S. Thompson. ***

Nixonland, by Rick Perlstein. ***
Rome, by Greg Wolff. ***
Wall Street, by Doug Henwood. ****
The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars, by Michael Mann. ***
Twilight of the Elites, by Chris Hayes. *** 1/2
The Great Divergence, by Timothy Noah. ***
The Republican Brain, by Chris Mooney. ** 1/2
Why Nations Fail, by Aceglomu and Robinson. ***
The Origins of Political Order, by Francis Fukuyama. ***
War, by Sebastian Junger. ***
Fairness and Freedom, by David Fischer. ***

Reasons and Persons, by Derek Parfit. ****
The Power Broker, by Robert Caro. ****
What Hath God Wrought, by Daniel Howe. ****
Battle Cry of Freedom, by James McPherson. ****
Desert Solitaire, by Edward Abbey. *** 1/2
The Monkey Wrench Gang, by Edward Abbey. ***
The Brave Cowboy, by Edward Abbey. ***
War and Peace, by Leo Tolstoy. ****
Cadillac Desert, by Marc Reisner. ****
Mother Tongue, by Bill Bryson. ***

Losing Mum and Pup, by Chris Buckley. ***
Blackwater, by Jeremy Scahill. ** 1/2
Free Culture, by Lawrence Lessig. *** 1/2
Exploration of the Colorado River of the West and Its Tributaries, by John Wesley Powell. ***
The Silmarillion, by JRR Tolkein. ***
Lord of the Rings, by JRR Tolkein. ****
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (audio edition), by Ken Kesey. *** 1/2
The History of Western Philosophy, by Bertrand Russell. ***
The Years of Rice and Salt, by Kim Stanley Robinson. ***
Mother Night, by Kurt Vonnegut. ***

Slaughterhouse-Five, by Kurt Vonnegut. ****
Bluebeard, by Kurt Vonnegut. *** 1/2
Blood Meridian (audio edition), by Cormac McCarthy. ****
The Road, by Cormac McCarthy. *** 1/2
Suttree, by Cormac McCarthy. ***
All the Pretty Horses, by Cormac McCarthy. *** 1/2
The Guarden, by Tim Kane. ***
Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen. ** 1/2
The Looming Tower, by Lawrence Wright. ****
The Baroque Cycle, by Neal Stephenson. ***

Cryptonomicon, by Neal Stephenson. *** 1/2
The Big Short, by Michael Lewis. ***
The Duty of Genius, by Ray Monk. ***
Fiasco, by Thomas Ricks. ** 1/2
A History of Iraq, by Charles Tripp. ***
The Shackled Continent, by Robert Guest. ** 1/2
The Fate of Africa, by Martin Merideth. *** 1/2
Neuromancer, by William Gibson. *** 1/2
A Scanner Darkly, by Philip K. Dick. ***
The Man in the High Castle, by Philip K. Dick. *** 1/2

Ubik, by Philip K. Dick. *** 1/2
The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. *
The Mbeki Legacy, by Brian Pottinger. ***
Kafka on the Shore, by Haruki Murakami. ** 1/2
Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe. ****
The Bartimaeus Trilogy, by Jonathan Stroud. *** 1/2
The Robber Barons, by Matthew Josephson. ***
Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace. ** 1/2
Gravity's Rainbow, by Thomas Pynchon. ***
The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. ***

The Castle, by Franz Kafka. ***
The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka. ****
Ulysses, by James Joyce. ***
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams. ****
Matilda, by Roald Dahl. ****
Danny the Champion of the World, by Roald Dahl. *** 1/2
The Witches, by Roald Dahl. ***
The BFG, by Roald Dahl. ***
James and the Giant Peach, by Roald Dahl. ***
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl. ****

Fantastic Mr. Fox, by Roald Dahl. ****

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