Mar 30, 2014

Dust storm

It's snowing again in DC apparently, but in the old hometown there's a hell of a dust storm going.

Update, about an hour later:

Mar 24, 2014

Matt Yglesias on Hippie-Punching Before and During the Iraq War

"Driving the ineffectual liberal response was the continuing near-pathological obsession with the far left, the sentiment that in a moment of national crisis the most important task facing liberalism was not to combat the errors of in-power conservatism but those of the hopelessly marginal left, who became the primary target of their rhetoric. In some cases, it seems reasonably clear that simple loathing of left-wing antiwar activists pushed liberal intellectuals into support of the Iraq War. But even many mainstream writers and pundits who would eventually reject the war contributed to the problem in the early postattack months, in effect firing in the wrong direction for so long that they wound up outnumbered and outgunned when they finally switched targets." -- Heads in the Sand

Mar 17, 2014

Good Grief

Three days to spring and this is the view off my back porch.

Mar 3, 2014