Nov 24, 2013


Spent some time today putting plastic film around most of the windows frames in my house. It's an interesting example of a low cost insulation improvement when one's house is very old and leaks like a sieve.

Picture is from my new phone, which is a Nexus 5.

Nov 14, 2013

Cool Trucking Advert

This is just crazy awesome:

Given that my chances of purchasing a tractor-trailer in the near future are pretty slim, I don't even feel particularly bad about enjoying this one.

Yellen in the Senate

Over at Greg's place, I watched the Yellen confirmation hearings and chronicled the Republicans slide back to Herbert Hoover economics.

Nov 4, 2013

Brief, Long Overdue Update

Argh, sorry this place has been dead for so long. It's been one of those situations where you need to do something, but the very lateness of it makes it harder to approach for some reason. However, I've cleared the decks somewhat, and I've decided I'm going back to short little posts here if I can't think of anything else.

So, for starters, until I can fill y'all in on the whole story, here's my latest for the Washington Post: Where's the Republican anti-poverty agenda? Spoiler alert: they have one, it involves giving less money to the poor.